Arborcoat Exterior Stain

Arborcoat Deck & Siding Stain can

Arborcoat Exterior Stain

  • Provides protection while allowing all of the natural beauty of the wood grain pattern and texture to show through
  • Suitable for use on all types of wooden decking, siding and furniture
  • Superior UV protection
  • Resists blistering, peeling, stains, and scuffs
  • Mildew resistant
  • May be applied to both soft and hardwoods
  • Available in six ready mix colors: Natural (10), Redwood (20), Teak (30), Cedar (40), Mahogany (60), Silver Gray (70)
  • Download our how-to guide or watch our how-to video for tips on staining your deck using ARBORCOAT

Benjamin Moore’s Deck Preparation Products

Removes both latex and oil stains
Fast-acting formula
Removes clear finishes of solid color stains
Concentrated formula

Restores old weathered wood
Bleach-free formula is gentle to wood and the environment
Not intended for removing old finishes. Use Benjamin Moore REMOVE Finish Remover (315) to remove old finishes.  For restoring severely weathered wood. For maintenance cleaning, Benjamin Moore CLEAN Multi-Purpose Cleaner (318) is recommended.  Ideal for removing moderate to severe mold and mildew.  Concentrated formula

Removes tannin and rust stains
Breaks the “mill glaze” on new wood
Counteracts the darkening effect caused by the RESTORE (316) and REMOVE (315) products on tannin-bearing woods.  Concentrated formula

Ideal for maintenance cleaning
Removes mold and mildew
Concentrated formula